The Path We Take – Prose before OccupyMN

There was a point when I looked at the world. Examined my life so far and in what direction it was heading.  I realized I must make the path I take and make it the one I want to be on.

While traveling this new path the realization that I’m not alone hits.  There are others trapped in the wilderness and building paths of their own.  We join together to make the path wider.  As it widens we organize and make improvements upon it and the small path becomes a road.

Some do what they can to improve the path, some help maintain it, still others walk the path others have laid before.  All journeys are personal and valid.

As we blaze the trail, decisions are made on its path.  When to cross the river.  Where to traverse the mountains.  Some will stop and settle along the road.  Giving help and respite along the way to those continuing the journey.

We run into others on their own paths.  Some paths will cross and some will merge. Others will head the other way.  No direction is right or wrong as long as we don’t destroy another’s path.

October 7th my path leads me to Government Plaza in Minneapolis to Occupy Minnesota.  A path started in New York City in Liberty Square.  Every individual path that leads one to this road is different yet we will unite for the common good.  

I will bring what I have to give.  My experience and knowledge.  My ideas and my drum beat.  And most importantly my voice.

Mine may not be the loudest nor the smartest nor the bravest but it is my voice and it will be heard.  
I also offer my ears.  To listen to those who express their voices and to consider other’s words carefully.  To not let one voice drowned out the many, or many the few.

I hope the pavement we lay down here will lead us on a path toward a better future.  

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