We are the 99%

I picture this better in a video than in verse. Might film it down at OccupyMN
I am your neighbor
I am your friend
I am your brother your sister your father your daughter
I am a stranger; a friend; a client; a rep
I… am you

I work hard and can’t get ahead; I want a job to feed my family
I can’t afford an education; I can’t pay my student loans
I bought a house and now It’s under water; I’ve been foreclosed on
I lost my pension; I lost my benefits; my hours; my pay
I don’t have insurance; I can’t get insurance; I can’t see a doctor I can’t afford it
I am afraid; I am fed up; angry; I have lost hope
I am everyone

I feel your doubt, I feel your pride, I feel your loneliness
I am where you are now and I would like to help
I raised you; I cared for you; I cried for you; I fought for you; I fell in love with you
Now, you and I, will join hands
We, together, are the 99%

Our stories are different 
Our lives may never cross again
But we will work together now
in this dark hour
To change our coarse
To make things better 
For us and generations to come

Together we are the 99%
and together we will change the world


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