An Open Letter from an Occupier

This is a open letter to my fellow occupiers and to the 99%.

My name is Toby. I’ve been a part of Occupy Minnesota since it started.

What I have to say is this is wow!

The Occupation has spread faster and wider than anyone would have guessed.  Occupations of some sort in over a 1000 cities on 6 continents.  The public, the rest of the 99% is behind us.  Because the people know that so much has gone wrong, that the future of our country and our existence on this planet are in doubt.  That if we as a civilization don’t act now to change things, the whole system will fall apart.

As always happens in popular movements there will be forces lined up against us.  The 1% is powerful, smart, and have everything to loose.  The banks and Industrialists of today are not a new phenomenon. They are no different then the Kings, emperors, Moneylenders and financiers of the past.  They were fought against the same way they will be now.  From the people who they cheat to keep impoverished and oppressed getting mad and saying “Enough! I will fight for my fellow man and for those who will follow in the future.”

The people in the past won their share of battles. But the people have never truly been victorious.  This time, I believe, is different. This time the people can win.  This time we have the ability to bring the entire world together.  Technology has given everyone a voice and, more importantly, the ability to listen.

This gives us, the world wide 99%, the chance to work together like never before to show those who would deny us our basic rights that this will not stand.  That 1% will never be allowed to deny us our liberties again.  That no one will be denied food, shelter, health, speech, equality, or equal justice under the law.

The elites are already fighting back.  Pressure from far above are pushing state and local officers to end this now.  Every day we hear of a new crack down.  Mud will be slung.  Weapons will be used.  Every officer at their disposal will be lined up.  But remember this. We are hear in solidarity with the 99% and it is not the 1% that ware the uniforms.  We fight for them too.  Stay peaceful and strong and together and we can not loose.  Those in uniforms do not desire violence.

To the 99% not a part of the occupation movement.  We the occupiers are here in solidarity with you.  If you believe that we are wrong in our views or actions we welcome your ideas.  Convince me I am wrong in my convictions and allow me to try and do the same.  If you are supporters please spread the word, Ask for more coverage from the media and seek out those sources that do.  Come and share your stories and ideals and we will listen.

And finally to the one percent.  We the occupiers are not against you.  We are against the banks and corporations and the system that has given them all the power.  We, the 99%, want it back.  Help us change this world.  Join the rest of us in celebration of a new world where money can’t buy governance.  Where power does not make you above the law.  Where our civilization attempts to live in harmony with the planet.

My name is Toby. I’m a filmmaker, a manager, a reporter, an Uncle, a friend; a human being finally moved to help make a better world. These are my words; my voice.  And I welcome your voice in responce.


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