Every Day Attempt

In preparation for a new adventure that may be coming up.  I am going to attempt to blog daily.  FYI.

I drove my car to the shop.  It’s on its last legs.  A nearby shop so I walked home.  I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet so I stopped at the McDonald’s in route.  I held the door open for this lady, she thanked me and I let her get in line in front of me.  Nothing unusual yet.

But then she said to me “Do you want a free sandwich?”


“I got the Buy 1 get 1 coupons.  Here take them.”

After this little exchange and ordering more empty calories than I should ever eat. My first thoughts were “Did she think I was homeless? or poor? I did have my ear buds in.”  then my thoughts turned to the fact that this stranger just did a very nice thing for me and I should over analize it like I tend to do.  Just enjoy the nice deed from someone.

As I started the second leg of the walk. My thoughts turned to Karma.  Had I done some good deed equal to this small kindness today?  It was at that point that I twisted my ankle…


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