Black Friday Thoughts

At my parents place for the exclusively American holiday that commemorates the friendly dinner between two different people before one of those groups is slaughtered and oppressed for the next half millennium.

During Thanksgiving I enjoy the traditional meal and family that comes with the day. Working for over a decade in retail, turkey day also meant then was getting up early and working the craziest day of the year, Black Friday.

Now I could go into a long speech on the name and how the beast has feed itself to make it Black Friday the perfect Metaphor of the failures of capitalism. But this is supposed to be an entertaining story.

Another tradition of this day is looking threw the store adds that make up the 7/8 of the paper this day. I already knew that many stores were opening at midnight tonight. But 2 things came as a surprise to me Walmart was starting its sale at 10pm and they had a laptop for $198.

Now previously, Since I’ve been free of those retail shackles, I have ventured out in the day painted black by retail ledgers. But not to wait in lines before the store opens. This tempted me however. A laptop is something on my short list. 10 pm is not even past my bedtime and they got deals on gifts for my nieces and nephew.

Also in the back of my mind is the morbid curiosity of what actually happens at Walmart on B.F.

Then 9pm comes and I find myself in my car driving to Walmart wondering what this mass of humanity will look like. I turn off the highway and slowly realize that the train of cars I am in are all going to Walmart. I had to wait for 2 lights to make the left turn into the entrance of the parking lot and it was full. Let me repeat this. The parking lot that once was a farm big enough to feed our nations olympic team WAS FULL! I quickly parked at the strip mall lot that was filling up and walked the quarter mile to the entrance.

I took the smart rout and went in the home and garden entrance because I actually got a cart. The store actually had been open all thanksgiving So no waiting in line outside.

As I walk in I can’t help but smile at the mass of humanity hovering around the brown paper wrapped pallets that had the 10pm deals that were stuffed anywhere they could.

Still 40 min to 10pm. The laptop wasn’t to be sold until midnight. So I looked around for other stuff I might want. Mothers hovering over the gifts for the kids. A line of people leading to the gun section that made me feel uneasy. The masses ready to jump on the video game pallet could (and did) cause injuries when it was let loose.

I eventually found the place where the laptop prize was. The man there told me that you can get the ticket here and you must wait in line until midnight. If you leave the line you loose your spot. He only had 6 left. After considering the masses for a moment, I hoped in line to wait 2 hours for a laptop.

With those 2 hours I wrote this on my phone. I’ll take it as time not completely wasted


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