Occupy and the Future

The past year of Occupy have been wonderful. You have invigorated many people from every background around the world to take to public squares and problem solve.  From where can we go to the bathroom to how do we get money and corruption out of government.

We occupied space and come together. Now that we are not “Occupying” Space as much as we did previously, Occupy has moved to tackling what we can where we can. This has seen many triumphs and heartaches. Occupy Homes Minnesota has help several families solve their mortgage problems. 100,000+ marched against NATO in Chicago.  SOAPA and PIPA defeated if only temporarily. Scott Walker recall fight. recent elections in Europe.

These are all actions taken on by the people. Even if you don’t think of it all relating to the Occupy movement, it is all a part of a something bigger.

The Arab spring, occupy, European protest and elections, Russians revolting over rigged voting, Tibetan’s renewed protest against china, the Syrian uprising, all of this is related.

Since the fist stamping of a coin, there wave been people with and without such money.  The haves grew in power and the have nots have become more and more at their mercy.  While there have been ebbs and flows it has always remand true. People with wealth have power and will fight to keep it.

One counter to the powerful is information.   When information gets to the masses about the corruption, greed, and lies; it leads to unrest.

Now with words costing nothing and the democratization of information, anyone and everyone can find out anything. How much money does a CEO make?  What does the government actually spend on things?  How many civilians dyed because of my country’s  bombs?

While the lowering expense of information has been happening since the printing press, what has really changed is the ability to share this information instantaneously.   As the helicopters landed inside of Bin Laden’s compound a neighbor tweeted out how unusual it was to see helicopters at this time of night.

While Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the rest are wonderful tools we must never forget the power of our presence, the impact of our visibility.

When Egypt shut down the Internet, Egyptians left their offices and homes to figure out what to do next. The very act of finding others and gathering together was the next step.  Ever since, people have been gathering in public spaces and working toward solutions to problems local and global.

This act of Occupying a public square is not a new concept.  Many examples exist in our united history; The French and American revolutions, Vietnam and civil rights protests, Hoovervilles, Tienanmen Square.

It is not the act of Occupying public space that the powerful fear.  It is the sharing of information, the broad reach of that information that anyone can access that is feared.

Ignorance of the population is no longer an option when information is free and instantaneous.  Belief in “Divine Right” or “Inherited power” will no longer hold when every person has a camera to show that everyone is human and with fault.  Propaganda works when you control the media. With everyone being a media source their is no hiding truth.

What is left for the rich and powerful to keep the vast majority from fighting back?  Fear. Fear of being hurt or killed in a protest. Fear of reprisal targeting familes. Fear of detention without due process. Fear of, when it comes down to it, that their weapons and power are to much to be defeated.  It all comes down to fear.

They also fear us. They don’t fear that they may pay more in taxes, or that profits will go down, or that the power handed to them by their parents won’t be as much as their kids will get.  They have been through that cyclically over the centuries.

They fear us because the whole system is in trouble. That the debt system which keeps us bound to banks and the rich may end. That having money will not get you more money.  That money will not control the masses. That money will no longer be needed.

Their fear of loosing control makes then go to war with their own people as in Syria. Makes them stave off the inevitable default on debt while citizens loose everything like in Greece and Spain and others.  Makes them subduing the masses with jobs while hiding the truth about the pollution and poisoning of their air and water as in china and elsewhere.

A bear in the woods is more afraid of you that you are of them.  This thought can be applied to the banks and CEOs and the filthy rich.  With us in the system their  control goes away.  We only need to make that choice.


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