Why Crappy Products? (Evil Corporations Part 3)

Pretend you are a corporation always worrying about profits.  Shares are down and the board of directors is clambering for more cash.  What comes to mind to solve this quickly?  Skimping on quality of materials or increasing quality and longevity?  How do you think the majority of people would act?

Why would a corporation make a product that lasts 10 years when they can sell you five that last 2 years?  Look at things that you replace often.  Cell phones, Laptops, sunglasses; all designed to last only so long.  Just take a look at a cell phone battery.  2 years of good use if you are lucky.  There is no incentive to make them last longer.  Your phone wont be made after 2 years and the battery will cost the same as a new phone.  Oh and hope it last long enough that your 2 year contract runs out at the same time.  Might as well by that new phone.  The process repeats.  Now owning a cell phone we are almost certain to by a phone on average every 2 years.

Then there are the protection plans.  Now they can make phones that last 4 months and still make money.

There is no incentive to make that battery last any longer.  It is just lost investment.  Phones has more computing power than the Apollo program had but its battery hasn’t improved in anything but size since its inception. If a corporation spent the money to make longer lasting products, they would loose money both front end and back.

It is not some evil corporate conspiracy that makes things run this way.  It is the nature of the corporation.  There is no inherent profit in making a product more durable.  The next time something of yours breaks for no reason, think about why someone designed a product to be that crappy before you buy your next one.


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