Political Corruption (Evil Corporations Part 4)

Corporate influence over Government is not evil.

Since corporation’s soul goal (at least the primary goal) is to make money, it is only natural for the corporation to be aggressive with its actions toward the government

Pretend you are the CEO of Barrelz a billion dollar barrel making company.  You pay $20 million in taxes every year.  You realize that Barrelz could make more money if you paid less in taxes.  You hire a lobbyist to work on your behalf.  He works to increase sales of your barrels to the government.  Work for a tax credit on barrel sales.  Even decrease the regulations controlling the thickness of the barrels.

All these thing will increase profits.  If you continue this thought process.  Why not band together with other barrel makers and form the barrel lobby.  We can all increase profits.  The government could help the third world by giving barrels to poor and pay us full retail for them.  Every soldier’s personal effects should be required to be in a barrel rather than a duffle bag.

The government has a National Barrel Regulation Office.   It only make sense to hire people in that department when they leave. Their knowledge would be valuable to get around regulations.  Promote the hiring of former barrel industry workers into the N.B.R.O. because they “Know the industry.”

Any corporation big enough would be a fool not to lobby and contribute to the political system. It also can be done on a city level.  Zoning restrictions on a competitor and the mayor is your golfing buddy.  Is it so far a stretch to see a company bending or, dare I say, breaking the law to increase profit?  They already have influenced what the punishment would be if they get caught.  Openness and honesty has no dollar value.  Confining your business to the letter of the law will not make money especially in the short run.


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