Corporations have no Soul (Evil Corporations Part 5/5)

The whole point is that corporations are not evil. The system itself has been created and used for one purpose, to make money. Any appearance of ethics or morality is either put in place by good and ethical leadership or is a false impression designed to increase sales.

There are wonderful companies that work ethically toward sustainable products and fair treatment of employees. These Corporations are fighting their nature choosing to be grounded in morals.  They will not be considered as successful because they wont make as high of profit.

Just as we humans fight our natural instincts to eat everything, be selfish and aggressive; “good” corporations must do the same.  Only we have a conscious and corporations do not.  Corporations don’t have guilt or shame, friends or family standing in their way of being “evil.”  The concepts of good and evil are not known by any corporation because they do not have a conscious.

Corporations will grow and plunder and strip all the wealth out of a system because that’s what they do.  The only thing that stops them are us humans.  BP didn’t care about the safety of wells or making sure that they had a solution to the problem until one blew up.  They didn’t tell the truth about how much oil was coming out of it until they were caught lying several times.  They didn’t care about the coastline until it effected their business.  Until people with morals stood up and shouted.

There are so many questions this discussion brings to mind.  Is there an alternative?  What can I do about it?  I wish I had the solutions.  I know of alternative economic concepts that hold some promise in reforming the whole system, but those are long term solutions which will come in time. I know buying habit changes and choosing different employment are good but aren’t plausible in the short term for the majority of people.  These things should be done and there are no shortage of opinions on them.

What I suggest is that you spread the concept, spread the truth.  I have tried to lay out a case that corporations are not evil, they are soulless profiteering ventures with no regard for human society.  Presented in a way that most people can understand and even contribute their own consumer nightmare stores too. Hopefully to move people into thinking that protecting government and society from corporate greed and influence is essential in the 21st century.

Please share your arguments for and against.  Share what can or should be done about it.  That is why I write it.


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