Ecuadorian Sovereignty Threatened by U.K.

Breaking! last updated 7:56pm CDT  8/15/2012

British Government is threatening the Ecuadorian Embassy that they will enter and arrest Julian Assange in the Embassy.

Supporters and citizen journalists including streamers are outside the  Ecuadorian  Embassy along with British police.

<< Update 7:44pm CDT  8/15/2012 the site citizen journalists are using to report live from the scene is down as of ~7:35pm (CDT) No word on why.

>> End Update

At a news conference on Wednesday, Patino said Ecuador would announce its decision regarding Assange’s asylum request at 7am (noon GMT) on Thursday.

<<Update from The Guardian 7:56pm CDT  8/15/2012

 From The Guardian : A Foreign Office spokeswoman said:

“We have consistently made our position clear in our discussions with the government of Ecuador.
“The UK has a legal obligation to extradite Mr Assange to Sweden to face questioning over allegations of sexual offences and we remain determined to fulfil this obligation.
“We have an obligation to extradite Mr Assange and it is only right that we give Ecuador the full picture.
“Throughout this process we have drawn the Ecuadoreans’ attention to relevant provisions of our law, whether, for example, the extensive human rights safeguards in our extradition procedures, or the legal status of diplomatic premises in the UK.
“We are still committed to reaching a mutually acceptable solution.”

It seams that the U.K. government is getting ready to end Embassy sovernty over Julian Assange.  This would set a horrible president for British over seas.    Embassy sovereignty has been around for hundreds of years.  Ending it is considered an act of war.

>> End Update

Spokesperson from the Embassy

“We are deeply shocked by British government’s threats against the sovereignty of the Ecuadorian Embassy and their suggestion that they may forcibly enter the embassy.  This is a clear breach of international law and the protocols set out in the Vienna Convention. 

Throughout out the last 56 days Mr. Julian Assange has been in the Embassy, the Ecuadorian Government has acted honourably in all our attempts to seek a resolution to the situation. This stands in stark contrast to the escalation of the British Government today with their threats to breakdown the door of the Ecuadorian Embassy. 

Instead of threatening violence against the Ecuadorian Embassy the British Government should use its energy to find a peaceful resolution to this situation which we are aiming to achieve.“

More to come



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