9/11 is a Tween

September 11th, a day that overwhelmingly makes me think of a deep tragedy. There will be plenty of articles written about it today. Some will spout hate and anger at the event and its aftermath. As an American it certainly changed my mindset. But that is not what I am writing about today.

11 yeas ago today my cousins had a beautiful baby girl. A personal blessing for them as a grand tragedy was happening around them.

She is a typical 11 year old playing soccer. Struggling to leave the dolls behind or to stave the pull of adolescence. Her parents are giving her more license to pick her own clothes and style her hair. And she is starting to grasp the importance that her birthday has to the rest of the world.

9/11 is now a tween. Maybe it’s time to start making excuses for her or using her as an excuse. We need to gain back some of our freedom and life we gave up when we had her. Get a babysitter and have a night away from the obligation to watch her every minute.

Everything we were before is still there. Freedom to speak our mind without worrying she will hear us. Being able to go somewhere without making it an event of national security.

At some point we need to return to something closer to what we were before having her or we will be lost forever in the identity of 9/11.

If we wait to long to let it go to give it the slack it need to mature it will leave angrily and no one wants that.

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