Main Stream Media as a Tool

A lot of people complain about the main stream media (MSM.) Conservatives complain it’s a tool of the left hiding the communist tendencies of the lame stream media. Liberals complain about the vast right wing conspiracy.

Then their are the non “Main stream” Groups that say the main stream media doesn’t cover the real news. Birthers, zionist, occupiers, libertarians, environmentalists, 9/11 deniers, and every group in between see the main stream media as against them.

What we must realize in the age of social media and instant response is that the people have control over the news. There are stories out there on things that are important to you. The are not always easy to find but they are out there. It is a matter of making a story visible.

A story is only as important as the number of people who are exposed to it.

There are plenty of examples with what is termed fluff pieces. The grandma on the school bus. Kids rapping about hot Cheetos. These we not considered stories until they blew up on the Internet.  This same technique of viral stories help the Travon Martin story change from a local story to a national cry of anger.

What people do online effects the coverage of a story. A wire article is picked up by the news outlet who thinks it is important or relevant to their consumers. If people respond to an article others notice that and jump on the band wagon.

How do we as individuals effect this?

When you discover an article that you think is important:

1) Use their buttons to share. This makes it more important on their site and moves up on visibility
2) Link to the page.  If you have a web site or just a social outlet like Facebook link to it and comment on it.
3) Get it in front of someone more Internet popular than you.  If you can get someone to share a story with more followers it helps it grow.
4) Share it on sites like Reddit, there are other people who feel the same way about it.

There is a lot of automation on the web.  People know how to game the system.  Start gaming it for what you believe is important.  Move the conversation the way you want it to go.

If you have a comment or other ideas please comment.


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