Covering Presidential Candidate Peta Lindsay Today

I got invited to cover the Party for Socialism and Liberation visit to Minnesota by an activist that I know.  They will be at May Day Books from 6-8pm CST and I will be streaming live at the event at

If you have any questions you would like me to ask, send me a tweet @TshirtToby

I hope to be able to ask some questions and find out more than what is on their website.  (  I offer the same coverage to any other presidential candidate on the ballet in Minnesota.   Because I am directly covering a candidate I am not using the Ustream channel I normally use (OccupyMN) as I believe in separating the two.  This separation seemed important while physically occupying as well as now.

I will do some follow up when done.  This is an interesting opportunity that has come out of this year of being a concerned citizen at Occupy MN that turned into being a citizen journalist.  Thank you for listening.

Thursday, Sept. 27, 6 to 8 pm
May Day Books
301 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis, MN
Info: 773-920-7590


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