Dancing for your Soul

Sometimes it takes someone new to bring back the forgotten truth you already knew. It takes that jolt that only someone you don’t know taking the time to point out the simplest truth. Or some new and unexpected experience that pushes threw the monotony of the daily grind.

During times of my life of personal struggle I used to go out to a dance club, familiar or not, with friends or alone to dance. I would sometimes be that brave soul alone on the dance floor moving with reckless abandon not caring about the world around me. Soon, with others around doing their own thing, I could do mine.

For me it is not only about emotional expression but about connecting the body with the soul. On that floor is the only place where I am able to let the connection flow freely from the mind to the body, where I can feel free of the burdens of the day. I don’t meditate, I dance.

Then there is the connection with others on the dance floor. Feeding off others energy and moves and letting them become your own. There is no steeling only sharing on the dance floor.

Dancing is something I haven’t been doing enough of lately. With all that life has thrown at me I had forgotten what would help me the most. Sure I would grove to random music but I wouldn’t let myself go.

This past Thursday I was at Science Museum of Minnesota’s Social Science night where adults get it to themselves. Wine, music, and science! What more could one want in an evening. Near the end of the night my friends and I were standing around a table playing the classic game Operation. Right there was DJ Simone DuJour mixing.

She was combining notes of jazz, tribal, and electronica at a rhythm my body couldn’t ignore. It wasn’t only the masterful mix but it was her getting lost in the rhythms herself that got my body going. Then someone else had requested Thriller buy Michael Jackson. (The thyme of the evening was the dead and undead.) Before I knew it the 3 of us were on the floor trying to remember the thriller moves. Others came and went but it was the 3 of us failing the moves of Michael having all the fun. It felt great to be out there having fun even though my *cough* friend had pulled out his phone and was recording it for prosperity.

Before we left for the evening I had signed Simone’s contact sheet. We sent a few emails back and forth. I reminded her that enjoying what you are doing is a beautiful thing and she reminded me that one feeds off the energy of another in a feedback loop.

Remember what makes you whole. Don’t be afraid to share it.


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