Collage 20 Years Apart

It is amazing how similar collage is as it was the first time I was there.  I have certainly changed since I was in school and there have been many updates too.  Sushi is available at the cafeteria along with pizza.  There is more diversity here at Minneapolis Community and Technical Collage then at North Dakota State University in the 90s.

Still art students don’t mix much with industrial ones.  The computer lab is only half used for homework.  And there is a table with people playing Magic the Gathering.  It’s still a collage full of young minds looking for knowledge and also looking for themselves.

I am quite different than I was back then.  I was a teenager who went to collage because that’s what you did.  I had no grand scheme or even an idea of what I wanted to study much less the drive to.  I switched majors 5 times before dropping out.  I had classes that just didn’t interest me.  One chemistry class used the same text book I had in high school.  I went to that class 5 times, first day and the 4 test that were in the class.  I got a B.  I hate to admit it but that was one of my better grades that first go round in collage.

Now I’m back in school and spending most of it in front of computer screens for homework instead of MUDs. (Multi-User Dungeons- The MMORPG of the day.  Playing over 2400 baud modem.)  More comfortable with who I am than a lot of those around me.  Having the ability to play ones own music without using the portable cassette player that took C batteries is the biggest every day change.

I expected more changes than I have experienced.  There hasn’t been the giant revolution in education that I was expecting.  It’s still a teacher with a classroom going over material in front of the class.  the tools are different.  Thumb drives instead of floppies.  Power Points instead of projectors.

The biggest change is that I have a few online classes.  I thought that would be way different.  But I am watching videos of people with white boards.  Watching power points at home. turning in assignments online instead of handing them in directly.

The system hasn’t fundamentally changed in my lifetime or  my grandmothers.  The future promises change and I am hopeful it will come.  I am hoping my next trip through collage will be a lot different than the ones I have already done.


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