Sports Media and Election Media

You may think that the media’s coverage of politics is unprecedented.  That there is nothing here in America that gets the media’s “A” game going like a close presidential race.  It’s all politics 24/7/365.  There does exist a topic that gets more and better coverage than politics, not including natural disasters.  Sports.

The world of sports media is vastly bigger than any other news media.  ESPN alone has more channels than there are news channels in the US.

One of the main differences between Sports and political media is that sports media covers every team every game.  Sports Center showed highlights of the Asrto’s  losing their last baseball game of the season to the Cubs putting them 42 games under the division champ Reds.  They also will do highlights of WMBA, MLS, and any other sport they can get their hands on.  Even “sports” like eating competitions, spelling bees, and strong man competitions get their time to shine.

The thing is it works.  I’d bet you are more likely to know the name of your local team’s Quarterback more than your congressmen.  Every detail is public and covered.  If a place kicker has a sprained pinky finger it is on the injury report and will be mentioned in the local media market.

If the news media covered this elections like sports media they would, in one news hour, Cover and analyze the 2 candidates. Give “Highlight” time to every third party. Put up simple charts comparing positions.  Every poll would include all candidates. Every senate race would get mentioned. And the analysts would be paid by the news organization and not parties.

Yes media should cover the main parties more but not at the expense of any coverage of third parties.  Media should concentrate on the candidates plans on the economy but should still cover every topic including the environment, the drug war, healthcare, and the poor.

Sports media doesn’t just absorb what the teams press release says.  They take close look at every game and break it down 24/7/365. The political media will play a gaff, read the press release correcting the Gaff, then spend the next day talking to party pundits about it. 

I watch a lot of news, more than I should, and I personally have streamed and written about the 3rd parties more than I have seen on TV.  I did it for no other reason than that I believe that everyone deserves to be heard.

We need total and complete coverage of the news.  Kobe being well enough to play in the opener should not get more coverage than Green party candidate getting arrested outside of a debate.

Demand more from you media.  If you don’t get it from your coverage, get new coverage.


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