Idle No More MN Protest

[Update 2:30 12/29/12]
Will be leaving soon to meet people involved before everything gets started.  Updates will be from Twitter from now on. @TshirtToby

[Updated 1:30pm 12/29/12]

Lots of coverage of  Idle No More protest happening today in Minnesota.

Brief description of event by organizers

Show our support and help to create awareness about what is happening in Canada. We are here to protect our children and their children.. our land is sacred, our water is sacred…we are coming together to sing and let the world hear the heartbeat of all that is . we are all related… There are so many issues that go hand n hand with what is happening to our Northern brothers n sisters we all need to come together n show the world we are Idle No More… One voice, one nation the time is now.  

 This event will be covered by Globalrevolution.TV  and several streamers will be there.  The list I have at the moment is.
I know some of these guys and will be covering this thing well.  

I will be streaming and tweeting live coverage.  From what I can gather several hundreds of protesters will be at the Mall of America, a true symbol of capitalism at it’s best and worst, at 5 pm CST in the rotunda.

My coverage will start around 3:30 pm as several ride the light rail down to the MoA.

I will be streaming to 

I will also be tweeting @TshirtToby


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