Idle No More Minnesota Action at Mall of America

Image by Robert DesJarlait

I helped stream coverage of an amazing event Saturday.  As the Idle No More movement in Canada spreads it support (More info on Idle No More) The American Indian groups in the Twin Cities, who have renewed energy over the past year, held an action at the Mall of America.

The Mall of America (MoA), the best and worst example of consumer culture, houses over 500 stores, 14 screen movie theater, 2 seven story parking ramps, a 1.2 million gallon aquarium, and a theme park with over 2 dozen rides.

Well over a thousand Native Americans and their supporters came out to support the movement and listen to the singing and drumming.  While filming the action from the 3rd floor I was able to see how full the area was. (my archived stream) People 5 deep packed on every inch of the balconies.  I wish I had been able to just stand and appreciate it more but while streaming a mall cop pushed a shopper 2 ft away from me and started a conflict. And by the constant asking by shoppers on what this thing was all about.

My friend HongPong got some great footage up and also took pictures of a guy who films protests for some government agency.

After the MoA Action many of the participants head to the Minneapolis American Indian Center for the first day of a 3 day Pow-wow.  The powerful drumming, beautiful dancing and traditional singing moved me greatly.

I thank those who asked me to attend and document this event.  It is good to see the unity and relentless defending of culture and land.  I wish I saw it more in everyone’s heart.


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