3 Years In – TshirtToby Annual Report 2012

Nearly 3 years ago I started making videos on YouTube.  2 years ago I premiered my short “Zombie Zero” At Fargo’s CoreCon.  A year ago I joined my local Occupy group.  It’s been an amazing ride… so far.

So why the annual report?  I am, or was a fan of Michela’s Quarterly reports, but not sure if I would do this every 3 months.  And with the month long break I have taken it has given me time to reflect on what it is I do here. 
Let me begin at the beginning. 
When I began YouTube started with 2 channels, TshirtToby for video blogging and Y-Bot Films for more entertainment style videos.   By just looking at the number of videos you can see what I have spent my time on more.  While I would like to do more with the Y-Bot Films and will.  We are working on our most technically challenging movie yet.   My friends and I are all busy people with lives of our own and don’t always have time to create at the pace we like.
Looking at pure numbers Over the past year TshirtToby, has well over doubled the number of subscribers and video views.  YbotFilms nearly did the same but at 1/10 of the starting numbers.  

My attempt at a photo meme

If you look at the sheer variety of videos I put up on this channel. An open letter to Obama, a Minecraft song, failed vlog every day in April attempt, protest footage, poetry, Making fun of Pogobat, dancing in the rain in a kilt.  I have set no formula or criteria on what I put up on YouTube.  Some times I think this has held me back.  Other times the freedom from expectations has let me things I wouldn’t have normally done.

As another creative and intellectual outlet I started blogging on a regular basis in August.  This has been more enjoyable than I thought it would and the response has been great garnering more views in 6 months than my vlogging channel has all year.

I have streamed several events as a citizen journalist and used twitter as a tool to get news and to spread it.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I was working full time and going to school full time.  I decided to take a sabbatical from all these thing.  It mostly held. As a result I got to see what people went to without any new content.  The surprising winner of that was something that I started as a silly idea that frankly is a bad bit to get views.

I started a gaming channel called Games by Toby and didn’t tell anyone.  I review crappy games you can play for free online.  One of these videos took over as my most watched video ever.  While not exactly proud of its success I am intrigued by it and am thinking of trying some new stuff with it.

So what’s coming in the new year?  Let me list some things I am planning on doing. actually complete VEDA, An expose on the DRE program nationwide, Finish The Quest for Cake Move my blog to my own self designed website.  Make a man lotion spoof, continue to inform, educate, and entertain.

Most importantly I will stop doing any of this if it doesn’t continue to feel important or fulfill my creative needs.  I don’t do any of this for fame or money (I haven’t found either doing this) I do it because the creativity keeps me sane and the sharing of knowledge is important and purposeful to me.

Everyone should have a means of expressing their feelings and creativity.  I found this to be a good one for me.  To go through life with out expressing yourself can not be good for your sanity.


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