Philosophy addendum

It’s hard to write a philosophy on everything.  It is taking longer to put it all together than I thought. Until then one addendum to part 1.

As I write the next part I realize I should have including something in part one.  A very important point that should not have been left off.

6.  Actions Have Consequences

Call it karma, call it Newton’s 3rd law, Call it justice.  While there are reasons and good intentions with every action, every action has unforeseeable consequences.  Knowing that consequences are inevitable and unpredictable makes the actions you take meaningful.  Someone who quits a job should accept the fact that they may not get another job the next day, or week, or month.  This makes the choice to act as important as the action.  The choice should be informed and thoughtful.  But don’t let the decision paralyze you.  If you took an informed and thoughtful action you can stand behind it with your head high.

On the actions of others, they should be able to deal with the consequences of their actions.  You should feel no apprehension on calling someone out for their actions and asking why.  Why did you drive drunk?  Why did you quit your job?  Why did you donate to that cause?  The answer of “I don’t know.” means that they don’t want you to know or that they didn’t take the time to consider the consequences.

I consider carefully my words when writing here.  I realize that they may have consequences.  I accept that someone may read these words and judge me.  I use the alias TshirtToby just so my full name is plastered here.  So that this isn’t the first thing in a Google search.  If I made a living doing this it would be different.  My name is out there and attached to this but I still made the choice not to plaster it here.  I stand by my words and accept the consequences of them.


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