Woman Dying of Cancer Last One Standing on Debeers Mine Blockade

As I get new info in I will keep updating this – Last update 2AM CST 2/16/2013

Getting in news from the Attawapiskat blockade against the Debeers mine: 

The around 10 day old blockade that has stopped vital supplies to the Victor Mine.  The Attawapiskat people are fighting for the royalties for mining on their land and to protect the environment.  People are saying they are coming now to break the blockade.

Cree woman dying of cancer last one standing on Attawapiskat diamond mine blockade
Good article about the end of the blockade.

7:20 PM CST update:

OPP have arrived in Attawapiskat: Chief Spence

From article by Jorge Barrera

“We had a call from De Beers saying the sheriff is coming in town,” said Spence. “Two OPP are in town and they are the ones who are going to escort the sheriff to hand over the notice to the blockaders.”

Spence said she was trying to confirm a rumour that the OPP would also be escorting De Beers-bound trucks toward the Victor mine site later Saturday.


From Debra White Plume,”The corporations went to the canadian courts. the courts ruled in favor the corporation. the camp is coming to take down the blockade. the men left, those left standing are the Grandmothers, the elders with cancer, and Chief Theresa Spence. defending their lands and trying to make the diamond pay their first nations more money vs the pennies they are getting now.

Released Update Friday night, Feb. 15, 2013

From Censored News

***Emergency news update from my reserve of Attawapiskat blockade against the debeers mine: Just got word that the conjunction for OPP to go to our reservation to arrest the blockaders went thru. At the meeting this evening, the council met with the blockaders and only the women are left standing and will not give up and keep on going even if they are getting arrested at the blockade site. There were tears that were shed as as Danny Metatawabin, negotiator of Chief Theresa Spence in Ottawa cried n ask the blockaders to stop but refused. Men have stepped down and only one cree sister, Rebecca Iahtail will not step down, who has been sick for sometime with cancer and will not retrieve. These women shouldn’t be left standing alone as law enforcement come to get them. Pls pray, repost and watch what is unfolding up there. Debeers had really cross the line with our people and it just so sad n hard to hear our cree sister, a grandmother elder n others who are there will get taken away. Chief Theresa is there as well, my sisters for moral support–getting updates as we go.””

More information at Censored News

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