Drunk Thoughts

A couple of nights ago I was drinking cheep wine until 3 am and went on a rant on twitter. (@TshirtToby) It seemed interesting and coherent so I thought I’d share.

Can we move forward without leaving others behind?

Are we so selfish that to progress we abandon fellow human beings?

Do we let our children die in the gutter for our own prosperity?

We are better than that.

We are not Apes caring for ourselves. we are humans caring for our society.

We move forward. We cure disease. We create food and drinking water. We harness the energy of the earth, the atom, the sun, and the air.

We ask the questions why? How did it all begin? where will it end?

The struggle to find the answers.To move toward an intelligent society will not be stopped by power or institutions of the past.

The better future is inevitable Because we fight for it. Others fought before us and people will fight for it after us.

Even being drunk at 3 AM I can see the future clearly. we are moving in the right direction.

I believe in the power of crowd sourcing, of citizen media, of the goodness of every man overcoming the evil that exists there.


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