Update: She has been found!

Victoria has been found and is OK!
Don’t have many details at this time but needed to update this as soon as I heard

Woman Missing!  Police and Business refuse to help but YOU can!

(Info from statement of Leslie Miller)

Victoria Darling, went missing Thursday March 14, 2013. She is about 5 and a half feet tall, Italian brunette with olive eyes and we care about her very much. She may well be in very real danger. She left for a liqueur store and never made it there. She was last seen at a Marathon gas station at 3200 W Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48208. She was seen leaving with an older man whom she did not know. There is video surveillance footage of her and the man she left with. The workers at the Marathon gas station refuse to cooperate or release the security footage that can tell exactly when she was there and may be able to identify the man she left with. The police can’t help without this footage and the Marathon gas station will not cooperate in any way. When the only people who can help rescue someone refuse to cooperate you have to wonder why. Every minute is precious and the longer this takes, the less likely she will ever be found. The Detroit police and Marathon gas station are well aware of this. Occupiers and activists to do what we do best: spread this like a viral video and give ’em hell. Demand that they cooperate and help find our fellow and ally, my good friend. Please help in every way you can.

Make a Phone Call 

Call the Marathon gas station called Hamze Fuel at 3200 W Warren Ave in Detroit at (313) 361-7550. Ask them why they are not giving the police the

Call the Marathon Petroleum Business Integrity Helpline: 877-713-8314 Tell them that their store at 3200 West Warren Ave in Detroit, MI has refused to give vital footage to the police in the disappearance of Victoria Darling

Call the Detroit Police department 313-267-4600 and ask them why they haven’t gotten a warrant to get the tape from Hamze Fuel in the disappearance of Victoria Darling


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