Occupy Homes MN vs Occupy MN The Dispute

[Update 3/24/13]

OccupyMN media group has cut off the access to the OccupyMN Facebook page and Twitter Account from Occupy Homes MN. The statement from OccupyMN can be found below in written and in video form.
The next day Nick Espinosa, an organizer with Occupy Homes MN, sent me a message on Facebook asking me to weigh in and support Occupy Homes MN.  He sent me a link to his personal rebuttal posted on the Facebook post of the statement, also below.
[Update: An official response by Occupy Homes MN as been issued. 
As a former member of the OccupyMN Media team (Not since a year ago) and as someone who has personally covered and streamed many Occupy Homes MN events. I will try to report on this fairly.  I have friends on both sides that I don’t want to loose and will give it the attention it deserves. In the process I will report on the great work both groups have done, point out differences between these groups, and some of the history that has led up to this.   
I have made contact to get interviews with a member of the OccupyMN Media team (Dan Feidt has agree to speak for himself on the matter.)  And Nick Espinosa has said we would answer some questions and I am hoping to get an interview with him. 
If I am going to cover or even comment on this I need to hear from both groups.  Otherwise I cannot cover it further and will affect my coverage of them in the future.
OccupyMN video statement
OccupyMN Written Statement

Nick Espinosa’s Responce 


3 thoughts on “Occupy Homes MN vs Occupy MN The Dispute

  1. Of all the different parts of Occupy in Minnesota, OHMN is far and away the most successful in actually doing what the larger OWS was trying to accomplish. It has done this by allowing eight families to remain in their homes and it has relentlessly kept pressure on the banks in the currency they understand. OHMN has cost the banks $ and lots of it as it wins the battles between the homeowners and the banks. OHMN is respected nationally and has lead the way for other states, explaining why the national convening was held here. Reclaiming and defending foreclosed homes will continue to be a winning strategy for getting meaningful concessions from the banks and ultimately changes in government policy.

    OMpls, which was governed by the GA has pretty much ceased to exist after Dan Feidt and Sam Richards insisted that we move the GA from Peoples Plaza to Peavy Plaza. (And who were we to argue?) Those long, disorganized, contentious and sometimes violent daily meetings are now replaced by a weekly meetings, which so far have only had threats of violence following the meetings. But they usually decide nothing except to support other (hierarchical) organizations actions on issues unrelated to too large to fail banks and getting corporate money out of politics.

    As Anthony Newby stated, at the August 1, 2012 OMpls meeting, OHMN’s successes would have been impossible if it had insisted on one hundred percent consensus that OMpls was using at the time OHMN began. Nor would it have succeeded if it didn’t allow for recognized and therefore accountable leadership. And it would have been impossible if some members were not allowed to be paid stipends because of some purist ideal. If people can’t be paid, then only those who have independent sources of income are going to be able to participate fully and put in the long hours that this work requires. That is OK if you are a trust fund baby from the suburbs, but it won’t work if you have the misfortune of being working class, especially if there is a shortage of employment at a decent wage. To insist on no one getting paid is classist because it excludes those from the lowest classes from equal participation. If the OMMC can’t work with groups that have leaders and non-horizontal structures and groups that pay some of its members, then it couldn't have worked with Martin Luther King Jr’s organization, The Southern Christian Leadership Conference. It couldn’t have worked with the Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement or any of the successful organizations of the past. No movement or organization has succeeded for any length of time with the requirements those allied with the OMMC insist upon. If OMpls insists on this criteria it can’t work with the IWW, which has dues and leaders. It can’t work with WAMM because it is a 501c3, corporation allowing it to receive grant money from other corporations who can then get a tax write off, in effect a U.S. government subsidy. In 2011 it received almost $150,000 and paid out over $105,000 in salaries, benefits, etc. (Guidestar.org) While its web-sight says it “is living [its] feminist principles by using a non-hierarchical organizational structure”. In the next sentence it says “WAMM is governed by a board of directors… It also has a staff including a director, an office manger and a newsletter editor. OMpls can’t work with Idle No More either, as it too has leaders, one of which has the title “Chief”, and some are referred to as “leads” and “founders”. And they shouldn’t work with any of the native tribes, which virtually all have some form of hierarchy. (Yeah, they don’t call everyone “Chief”, do they?)
    (Continued below)


  2. (Continued from above)
    .The idea of OHMN having a formal structure allowing for recognized leadership was objected to by the OMMC on the grounds that it wasn’t in keeping with what they saw as “our horizontal Structure” and it set up some occupiers as “Leaders”, thereby violating what they see as OMpls’s policy of “leaderlessness”. But OMpls never consensed on “horizontal structures” or “leaderlessness”. It was just the strongly held view of some that insisted on laying its trip on everyone else. (Search David Graeber, the anti-leader of Occupy Wallstreet & How Occupy Wallstreet really got started in Mother Jones to see how the privileged white elite “Hijacked,” (their word), it from “…community leaders from some of the cities poorer neighborhoods” at the first OWS). Daja Vu? After someone asked at a recent meeting: “Who said that Occupy is a leaderless group anyway?”, another person rose to state “Our LEADERS said we have no leaders!”. Can Occupiers question our leaders authority? Lets wo-man up and peak behind the curtain!

    Note: Read the Tyranny of Structrelessness by Jo Freeman for a good overview on the subject of formal versus informal structures in the feminist movement. It is available on the web. Also search for Rusty”‘s Rules of Order for a good solution for bad meetings.
    For more see occupirate.blogspot.com You will be glad or mad or sad if you do, depending on your point of view.


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