Occupy MN Homes vs Media Team: Facts so far

Video of March 27 Meeting

RicardoLevins Morales opened the general assembly meeting talking about his role as a mediator in Chicago mediating a split within the Black Panthers that ultimately failed.  Sharing to the overflowing Occupy Minneapolis meeting how disputes between radical groups are not new, and will always be, a part of movements like these. 

This coming together into the same room of members of Occupy Homes MN and Occupy MN and, more notably, its media team has been brewing for a week, or eight months, or since Occupy Homes MN left the peoples plaza in downtown Minneapolis.  The catalyst was the statement signed the Occupy Media team members cutting off access to the Occupy MN Facebook and Twitter account. 

In the statement (Video Written) Occupy MN Media team released Wednesday March 20 said that “we cannot reconcile a working process with this commercialized group any further.” “Occupy Homes MN demands cash payment for what was once an egalitarian participation process” and “we can not work with or accept messages that promote classist attacks on the most vulnerable in our society”.

The statement touches on many issues that I have watched develop as a former member of that committee and someone who streams events of both groups.  They do good work and have watched them grow and evolve over the past year and a half.

Occupy Homes MN (Or OHMN) posted an Open Letter to Members of the OccupyMinneapolis Media Committee as a response on Sunday.  Lauding the importance access to the approximately 22,000 contacts critical for “emergency mobilization for eviction defense, call-ins, emails, and petition drives for resident campaigns, and urgent action alerts”.

This issue was the only thing discussed at the GA meeting last night.  While the parties are nowhere near reconciliation, OHMN want to have someone have access to the media assets in case of emergencies.  The media team agreed to be available to use the assets in such a case.  I confirmed with Dan Feidt after the meeting that he has signed up to get the emergency text messaging that has been a great tool for OHMN.
That is where the issue stands at this time.  My role as a person reporting on facts will leave this report there.  I will follow this up very shortly with background, history, and how this came about.  I have decided to separate the two because it is important to separate facts and interpretations, what is written and what the meaning of those words are.   

In Ricardo’s wonderful mediation introduction he broke down talking about the end of the Black Panthers, an old but fresh wound.  How we all act individually changes the groups we are in.  While the indelible truths must be stated, we fight with our hearts and or minds.  The goal of making a more perfect world is a fight within each of us as well as an external battle with others at our side.

One thought on “Occupy MN Homes vs Media Team: Facts so far

  1. How come the OccupyMN Media Committee reneged on its promise to mediate the issue with Occupy Homes. Are they trying to hide something that might come out in such a mediation, such as how the decision was made and by whom. Are they trying to cover up the fact of their inaccurate statements in their letter and their own censorship issues. What do they have to hide? For more on this see occupirate.blogspot.com.


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