Getting Answers: Occupy MN Media and Occupy Homes MN

VP Candidate tears up at Occupy Homes MN Rally
The strife here is still high between the to groups.  This discussion took up an hour of time at the last Occupy Minneapolis meeting.  I am still attempting to get answers from both sides.  I sent out today this latest batch of questions to the groups.  I decided to share these questions with everyone so people know what I am asking because I have relationships with both groups I want to be as open about the process as I can.  
I laid out the situation previously here. My goal in this is to end the fighting and for these groups to move forward doing the good work they do.

Questions for Occupy MN Media Team
What do you guys call yourself?
One of the main complaints by OHM is that the process did not follow the process the committee had set for such a thing.
What are the written guidelines? I’d like a copy.
Was the process followed? why not?
Nick Espinosa was the only member of Occupy Homes MN who was a media member previous to this correct?
Dan had mention that there was a discussion before the decision to act was made online. Is there a record of that? can I have access to it? (For purposes only to get information)
What is the procedure to letting someone become a member of the Occupy MN media?
If a member of Occupy Homes MN followed the procedure, would they be let into the committee?
Does this committee collect funds/spend funds? If so can I see the books?
Before this current incident who was the last person to be kicked off/ lost privileges since the rules were put into place?

Questions for Occupy Homes MN

According to the Talking Points/Proposal email dated April 10 2013 11:08 AM that printed copies were handed out at Occupy Minneapolis meeting, OHM requires individuals to become “Members” to vote.  Members must attend meetings and events and either $10 a month or ask for the fee to be waived.

I would assume then that attendance is taken at meetings and events.  Is that correct?

I would also assume that there is a member list. Is that correct?

How do you keep it up to date?

Is their a form for waiving the fee?  What is the process for dealing with someone who hasn’t paid their dues?  Who okays a waiver?

What information is kept in the member list?

Is the membership list public?  Can I see the list? (With agreement that I not publish information from the list)

The Talking Points/Proposal email states that Grassroots grants, one-time donors, sustaining members, and events are your sources of funding.

Is this information public?

What are the grassroots grants and for how much?

I would like to see a list of donors of over $1000 (5 times the minimum campaign disclosure limit)

Are the books kept internally or by a separate entity?

I would also like to see a sending report/budget.

There are stipend workers for Occupy Homes MN 

Are the workers a part of the decision making process that decides what they do for their pay?  

Is there review of workers work?  Are those reviews done by the works themselves?

In the Talking Points/Proposal handout there are several points that I would like clarification on.

It states “Groups that identify as Occupy and want access … elect or consent on who comprises the Social Media Committee.”
Does this mean any group who says it identifies itself with the Occupy should be allowed representation?  

Doesn’t the previous statement conflict with the following statement made in the prior point? “Organizations and groups should self-identify with OWS, and be empowered to make their own decisions.”

2 thoughts on “Getting Answers: Occupy MN Media and Occupy Homes MN

  1. Did you ever get answers to these questions. i don't see any answers here. Why not??? They have not answered questions put to them on my blog either. Do you think they have something to hide. No, they have lots of things to hide or this whole thing will come crashing down on them. Did they really think this would stand with Occupy Mpls participants. It has worked, so far, with many of the people that attend the meetings on Wed but that is because they have chased most everyone away that might challenge their arrogant power great. No leaders? Yea right. How long do you think before people will get wise to them? I think you are on the wrong side of this one Toby and I hope you have enough sense to be embarrassed when it becomes obvious to everyone besides the clique that runs the meetings what is going on here.


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