Boston Bomb: The Availability of Components and Terrorism

When writing about an event that is still fresh in the thoughts of everyone you must be careful.  My thoughts go out to the victims and their loved ones and my thanks goes to those whom responded in the moments afterword as well those whom are still helping.  Many people have expressed thoughts better than I could, including John Green and Mickeleh and Steven Colbert.
I have been in a video conversation about 3D printers and weapons with Dan Brown.  (Link to playlist)  What if North Korea or anyone could build weapons with 3D printers?  Should the easy availability of weapons scare us?  As of now it looks like the devices that exploded were made of pressure cooking pots, nails, and gunpowder.  Along with a few electronics this bomb could be built for a couple hundred dollars with items available anywhere.  The instructions for devices similar to these are also available everywhere.  
Does this scare me?  No. It should not scare you either.
The components to these devices are available; have always been available and, most likely, will be available for ever.  If it was the availability of these items that leads to incidents like these we would be living with daily bombings, mass murders weekly, dogs and cat living together, mass hysteria.
But we don’t.
Along with means (the ability to do) you also need motive. 

No one wakes up one morning and decides “I’m going to build a bomb today at set it off.”  It takes time, planning, and most important of all, some break of morality.

No child is born with the urge to kill fellow man.  It is something that is taught, learned, or due to some mental challenge.  That is where we should be concentrating our efforts on mental health and improving the world’s poverty and education situation. 
On mental health we need to improve treatment, identification of in-need people, and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. I could talk about that for hours but I want to get to the next reason.
Refugee Camp Turkey (PressTV file photo)
When people can’t provide for their family, when people are hungry, can’t find work, or can’t find a place to live, what do they do?  What would you do if your town was part of a civil war?

You had to walk with everything you own on your back a hundred miles just so your kids won’t be killed or worse just to arrive at a makeshift camp with a million people in the same situation living on donated rations. You fight to keep your kids from gangs and disease.  You can’t leave because you have nowhere left to go.  When hope is a distant memory, what do you do?

Some people try to change the system that brought it about.  Some turn to crime to feed their families.  Sadly some give up.  Tragically, some become violent extremists. 
“If I can’t provide for my family on earth maybe I can provide more in the afterlife.”
“Those people that hurt my family are heathens and must be destroyed.”
“The system is evil.  I will be greeted as a hero after this.”
Do these statements sound unreasonable to you?  Now imagine that you mother was killed by a bomb dropped from a drone.  Or that you haven’t been able to find work for a year and your kids are starving and there are well fed foreign troops standing on every street corner. Then someone approaches you with the offer to take care of your family if you do this thing.  And if you do this thing you rewards in the afterlife will be immeasurable.  Do those statements sound more reasonable now?
We cannot just throw off terrorists as the evil they do.  We must understand that in their mind what they do is right or at least justified.   Otherwise we will never get to a point that we can end the “War on Terror.”  We must change the system that leads to terrorists.  Eliminate oppression, increase education, ensure necessities of life, make available purpose and hope and terrorist organizations will have nothing to offer recruits.  
End poverty, end terrorism.

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