(Stop) Fighting for Renewable Energy

Random thoughts go through my head all the time.  Sometimes they stick and need to be pondered.  Sometimes the random thoughts need to be researched and written down.  One of those thoughts entered my mind today.
What if we stopped fighting for climate change, and just changed things?
What if we took the money, and people, and time groups spend protesting, organizing, and making phone calls and instead installed solar panels?  Instead of knocking on the door and telling a person about how we need to stop climate change we knocked on doors and said.
“Hello sir or madam, we would like to install solar panels on your roof for free.  Donations have provided us with these solar panels for your neighborhood to help the environment.  We will install them on your house using our certified electricians and you will save money on your electric bill.  The panels and instillation is free.  Can we sign you up?”
Would this work?  Maybe.  I like numbers so I ran some.  Assuming that we get all the environmental groups to buy in; 350.org, the sierra club, etc.  We end up with a budget of say, hundred million dollars.  Nice big round number.  The figures a very approximate but based retail prices and market stats.
$2000 per solar panel with instillation provides 1000 watts of energy.  The panel is active at full capacity around 5 hours a day for 5 kWh.  Average cost of electricity is 12 cents/kWh for $18 dollars a month or $216 a year saved by the home owner.
We could install 50,000 of these at that price while saving residence over $10 million a year.  You also would prevent nearly 100,000 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year. 
The numbers are interesting, but not world changing.  But what could happen is the nicest lawn syndrome.  Once installed and the neighbors see it they will be more likely to want one.  You do one or two houses in the neighborhood which could lead 5 or 6.  The home you put one panel up may put up more.
Once something like this is demonstrated on a small scale, solar panel companies start providing panels at cost because it leads to more sales, the same with the instillation.   You could double the number of panels or more you can install.  Maybe the solar companies will do it as a marketing campaign.
You could do this with home wind, water reclamation, electric cars, or front yard vegetable gardens.  Screw politics. Screw lobbying. Screw protests.  Instead fighting the world, change the world. 
That from a simple thought. “Stop preaching what we need to do and do it already.”

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