Attempt to Dissolve OccupyMN Media Committee by OHMN

Last night (5/15/2013) at the Weekly meeting of Occupy Minneapolis a person showed up and during announcements passed a sheet out saying that a new social media committee is forming and then left.  This document that I have OCR scanned and have below along with an image of it, says that this new committee is to replace a the current media committee that is to dissolved.  
I have attempted to remain as neutral as possible in the dispute but this demands comment.  To drop a bombshell such as this, to call for the dissolution of another occupy group, and to disappear not to explain oneself is act of power hungry cowards.  While the person who presented this is not in the hierarchy of Occupy Homes Minnesota (OHMN) it has been confirmed that it was at least talked about by them if not authored at their behest.  It is an act of spoiled children not getting their way. 
Document presented at Occupy Minneapolis
 pot luck 5/16/2013
For a group that demands that any group no matter what processes of funding, action, or acts of censorship can freely associate itself and have autonomy to demand something of another Occupy group or have it “dissolved and replaced” is at least laughable and at most words I do not want to write.
I predicted this could happen in my last blog about this mess.  People told me that wouldn’t happen, that OHMN would never go that far.  I wrote it hoping that it wouldn’t come true. 
A representative of OHMN that was left to “defend” this thing said that as long as there is agreement to move forward meeting between the two groups that this should be withdrawn.  I will attempt to follow up with her.  If it is not withdrawn I don’t know what will happen.  All I know is that this conflict over one Twitter account and one Facebook page will escalate to new levels.  

Democratic Election for Access to “OccupyMN” Facebook and Twitter accounts

Whereas, members of the media committee have voted to censor all Occupy Homes content from the statewide social media resources in another closed process without holding a public committee meeting, claiming to speak for the entire statewide movement.

Whereas, for over two months, after publicly agreeing to a meeting, members of the Occupy Minneapolis media committee have ignored requests or refused to meet with a mutually acceptable mediator to begin to work out their concerns.

Whereas, members of the media committee violated their own consensed upon process for removing administrators: two weeks notice given for an open committee meeting.

Whereas, the unilateral decision of members of the “Media Committee” unnecessarily endangers active residents fighting for their homes, and people risking arrest during an ongoing home occupation under threat of imminent eviction.

Whereas, the unilateral decision of members of the “Media Committee” has caused unnecessary divisions across the movement including publicly denouncing other sections of the movement to the media in violation of the St. Paul principles of solidarity.

Whereas, the statewide “OccupyMN” Facebook and Twitter accounts belong collectively to the 99%: the community, groups and organizations that identify with Occupy Wall Street as part of a network that is not represented by any single group.

Whereas, no group or committee should unilaterally and undemocratically deny access to our collective tools to individuals, groups or organizations that identify with Occupy Wall Street.

Whereas, allowing shared access to these media resources does no harm to the ability of any group to use it, but censoring or limiting another group’s access has real life consequences.

Current members of the Occupy Minneapolis media committee include: [Names shortened since they did not  write this] TB, DF, LD, D, AS, and SR.

Be it resolved that the current Occupy Minneapolis media committee be dissolved and replaced by a democratic election of new representatives of the Occupy Wall Street movement that are accountable to those that identify with the movement at a meeting representative of all Occupy related movements in Minnesota, to be held Wednesday, May 29th at 5:30pm at 4200 Cedar Ave.

• Becky Dernbach be given immediate access to post on behalf oOHMN until a democratic process is completed
• The media committee hold an open meeting Sunday May 26th at 12pm at 3325 2nd Ave S.

• The current administrators with the power to revoke access (TB and DF) should be replaced by a neutral party who will respect the democratic processes of all groups involved. i.e. Ricardo Levins Morales. This will not limit anyone’s ability to continue posting content, but will ensure that we do not end up in the same situation yet again.
• The administrators and content of the “OccupyMN” Facebook and Twitter accounts should reflect the various tendencies and organizations under Occupy Movement.
• The “Media Committee” should not make unilateral decisions about which groups, posts, and practices do and do not align with Occupy Wall Street. Organizations and groups should self-identify with OWS, and be empowered to make their own decisions.
• Groups that identify as Occupy and want access to the “Social Media Committee” should use their own decision-making structures to elect or consent on who comprises the “Social Media Committee” of the broader Occupy movement.
• The committee should be empowered to work-out processes regarding parameters (if any) for deleting posts. This process should be presented in a clear and transparent way to the respective groups and organizations which make up Occupy.


53 thoughts on “Attempt to Dissolve OccupyMN Media Committee by OHMN

  1. I read this and had to laugh. If you think this is a debate what we are doing right now you are wrong. If you look at the top of this page it says News Thoughts and Philosophy; not journalist. I in any of these post about have mentioned the word journalist. (Control+F works well) This is a blog. I do take it upon myself to never lie, Stretch the truth, call people names. I believe I succeed.

    What I wright I do concisely, getting my point across simply. I provide links and documentation whenever available. I try to entertain and make things personal whenever possible. In doing this I hit 30,000 hits today in less than a year on this blog and am now getting 100-500 hits a day.

    You, sir, are long winded and not that great of a writer. (4 pages recently in response to HongPong that I couldn't even read through.) But you voice your opinion and are passionate. I respect you.

    You don't respect me or think I am unrespectable? Fine. Don't think I know a lot about journalism? Fine. I'd sit down and have coffee with you and I'd debate you publicly with moderation in front of an audience and I'd wipe the floor with you.


  2. Dan, April said that the Media Committee voted to not post OHMN material. I know you have been posting their material but I suspect it is because of pressure from Occupiers other than those from OHMN and the very few that regularly attend the Occupy Minneapolis meeting which usually number in the teens. I suspect that the pressure is building and will continue to build until you back of your stated policy of editorial separation or like the Finance Committee which also refused to be accountable simply went out of existence rather than admit they were wrong, Your time is coming Dan it is just a matter or time before ALL of the OccupyMN movement will see what you and the Media Committee has been up to. What will you do own up to your horrendous mistakes or cease to exist as a committee claiming to represent all of the OccupyMN movement when you are seven people. Or is it eight now with Osha?


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