Mental Muscles

Yesterday was a day of fun exhaustion. Usually when I say something like that it is because I pushed my body in enjoyable ways with friends. This time it was mental exhaustion, a day of mental puzzles meeting new people and feelings of accomplishment.

Went with Ryan to participate in DASH or Different Area Same Hunt. It is a fun, interactive event where teams of players race to find and solve creative puzzles hidden in different locations in cities all over the United States. From 10AM to 6PM 4 of us went from station to station solving puzzles the clues linked together to tell a story. I’d say more about the story but those in England are doing it next weekend.

We were not the best nor the worst. We got stuck on some easy things then solved some hard ones quickly. The sense of accomplishment was wonderful.

I had planned to go home and veg out a little but as I walked in my brother asked me if I was up for some board games. I had to say yes especially since they were so encouraged finding out what I had done. My brother, Friends and I played a few games including the most intense game of clue I have ever played.

It was wonderful to have a day of mental intensity. Now time for a little Zen and the art of lolcat watching.

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