Analyst Listen to Calls Without FISA Court

It is very simple. NSA and contract employed analysts can listen to calls at their discretion.

Don’t believe me? Believe Rep. Jerrold Nadler at a House Judiciary committee on 6/13/2013 as reported by C-net
Rep. Nadler’s disclosure that NSA analysts can listen to calls without court orders came during a House Judiciary hearing on Thursday that included FBI director Robert Mueller as a witness.
Mueller initially sought to downplay concerns about NSA surveillance by claiming that, to listen to a phone call, the government would need to seek “a special, a particularized order from the FISA court directed at that particular phone of that particular individual.”
Is information about that procedure “classified in any way?” Nadler asked.
“I don’t think so,” Mueller replied.
“Then I can say the following,” Nadler said. “We heard precisely the opposite at the briefing the other day. We heard precisely that you could get the specific information from that telephone simply based on an analyst deciding that…In other words, what you just said is incorrect. So there’s a conflict.”
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the head of the Senate Intelligence committee, separately acknowledged this week that the agency’s analysts have the ability to access the “content of a call.”
There have been stories like the ones that hit the main stream press recently for years.  It is simple.  In order for analysts to analyse they need access to what they are analyzing.  If a somehow ended up watching a terrorist video on YouTube an analyst can’t tell it I’m a “threat” by my IP Address alone.  They have to see if it is part of a pattern.  To determine a pattern they need more info about me.  A quick look at my email and they would know I am not a terrorist. *cross fingers*

Anyone who says they can’t access the info without a warrant is wrong.  “They” have admitted it.  Will they abuse it? Yes.

Recently in Minnesota a Former cop had her driver’s licence and other records viewed by over a hundred different people sparking a federal lawsuit and internal investigation.  Cops checking out a pretty fellow cop.

When I worked at Circuit City they kept records to make it easy to do returns, for store credit, online orders, etc.  I remember with other employees looking up Viking’s players see if they were in the system.  We found Randy Moss’s Address.

What I and the cops did is invasion of privacy we did not have access to phone records, emails, texts, or surfing habits.  Your not paranoid, someone is watching you


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