Language Use: "Faggots" are not what you say they are.

Warning: This article is about and contains strong language

I got into a lengthy online text conversation with a few people about use of language.  They were using the terms “gay” and “faggots” to describe people who censor what they say and also do other abusive things.  I suggested that I would listen to what they said more they stopped using those terms.  I was on the receiving end of the lamest defense of language use I have ever heard.  Communication is a vital practice. So let me break this down for you.

Note: I don’t want suggest who or where this shit could be read though it is posted in a public group because I do not have their permission to wright this.  I have copied what they said word for word.
Me: I’d actually listen to you more if you didn’t use terms like faggot and gay.
 Kelvin: Its call the internet lingo, since everything is offensive now who the fuck cares, “im not bi I’m queer” “what do you mean by queer?” “i’m a human not answers go fuck yourself” “what ever” “thats sexual harassment I’m reporting you to the police” “oh god please kill yourself”
Dark:  On the internet, everyone is a fag. You do blogs? You’re a blogfag. Asian? Asianfag?  Its not the word that matters, fag. Its the main reason we’re here.

Faggot – A bundle of twigs

Kelvin: Fag is a cigarettes, fagot is a british anti-air defence missile system, faggot is a bundle of twigs, happy now newfag?

Me: Not everyone who reads this is jive to the internet lingo. I hear this shit IRL too. Words DO matter. How you make your case is important. I was offering a suggestion to help make your case.
Kelvin: Your suggestion is stupid. It’s not logical. We are from 4chan for fucks sakes
Dark: Anonymous is here. Deal with it!

Unless you are writing in a personal journal, it is not the author’s intent of the word that matters; it is the reader’s interpretation that matters.  Try reading the posting by Kelvin out loud.  The wording, punctuation, and grammar mistakes make it nearly impossible.  It makes it hard to interpret the message you attempt to get across.

This conversation was not on 4Chan or some Anonymous chat room.  This was on a board has dozens of people on it discussing local and national issues with members of all ages.   What I think they are trying to say that the word “Faggot” and “fag” have new meanings by those who are “Real” internet users.  That people will be offended no matter what you say and the word has traditional legitimate uses.

It was used like this. 

Dark: Its like they forgot about internets! Truth is a fact. You can’t deny a fact, faggots! 
Not a traditional use, nor some new term meaning someone who does something like a blogfag.  It was meant to offend.  Contrary to what Dark says, the word does matter. 

When I was in school I talked a classmate off a bridge ledge because he was being called a faggot.  Because people thought he was gay that attacked him and made his life hell.  The thing was he wasn’t gay he was transgender.  He didn’t even know this fully at the time.  He was having enough trouble figuring himself out and couldn’t hadle being called a faggot by students and faculty. 

When I hear the word faggot I flash back to standing on that bridge thinking of what I’d do if he jumped.  Would I follow him?
You can use the term faggot or nigger or wetback however you want.  But if you want people to listen to the other words you use.  I will never respect the use of such terms.  I will either call you out on them or not listen to you.  I am not alone. 
Freedom of Speech does not come with freedom from consequences.

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3 thoughts on “Language Use: "Faggots" are not what you say they are.

  1. Obviously they were talking about German bassoons.

    “Lame” is a bit problematic as well, but I haven't heard of any disabled person being called “lame” as a slur.

    I got in a big fight over the word “retarded” with someone and they tried to pull the same shit about it's literal meaning in OTHER contexts. If you use “retarded” to mean stupid or bad you aren't using it to explain that your engine belt is slowing down or something.

    It's really a pathetic attempt to justify being awful.

    Ever heard someone refer to killing someone in a multi-player game when the other character is over powered as “raping” them?

    I had to explain to someone that YES you ARE actually referring to RAPE when you say that. Using it on the internet didn't magically make the f*ing word RAPE not have the meaning it has.


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