US Will Not Get Snowden or Machiavelli’s Golden Rule

The USA’s spy program is exposed.  US government responds by saying it is not spying on Americans, it is spying on only non-Americans.  US government seeks other countries help in catching the guy who exposed the spying.  US surprised when no one wants to help catch the guy who exposed the US spying on them.
The US government should not be surprised.  It is their fault.
When reading how Snowden is at Russian airport and Putin says he will not extradite, I was reminded of a board game called “Machiavelli” It is a diplomacy game in medieval Italy where someone plays as the Papal estates.  As the Papacy you have the power to excommunicate a player.  No one can communicate with him.  If another player talks to excommunicated player he is also excommunicated.  It can be a powerful threat but if everyone decides to communicate with the excommunicated person, the pope cannot speak with anyone, becoming isolated. 
When US throws a tantrum to get Snowden and is ignored by China and Russia, is the US still a superpower?  What consequence can US inflict that will make them think twice about doing the same again?  The US government has no real power to do anything to get Snowden other than sending in a stick force into a country to capture him.  The US is not ready to handle the consequences of doing that. 

The US government will not get their hands on Snowden, no matter how big the tantrum it throws.

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