Found! Missing Activist in DC is with friends and resting

**** Update 9/9/13 

He is fine with people who care about him.  Thanks everyone who spread the word. 


7 thoughts on “Found! Missing Activist in DC is with friends and resting

  1. I believe that Justin has a place these days, though he hasn't been there lately. Contacting his friends may be a better first step than the MPD.

    Regardless, I'm one of of many people who cares about him and is concerned. We love you, Justin.


  2. He used to sleep on the steps of the church at Mount Vernon Square, at least as of late May. He had been sleeping there for a while. I think it was Mt Vernon Place United Methodist Church.

    Has anyone talked to the folks who sleep there to see if they've seen him?


  3. Hello, I work with Justin and have been for the past 3 months. I saw Justin on Tuesday of this week and he said he was staying at friends house in Takoma Park where he was cat sitting of the past few days. He said the friend has Indian spices and that he enjoys staying there. He had been staying with friends and subletting prior to this. Feel free to contact me at


  4. I went by Luther place just now on my way from a meeting. Did not see him outside, went into soup kitchen in basement and the person in charge said she had not seen him. I hope he is OK!


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