NaNoWriMo – Writing a Novel in a month

Since I started this blog I have rediscovered my love of writing.  I’ve had a story in my head for over a decade that I have started writing in various forms but never stuck it out.  Nation Novel Writing Month challenges anyone to write 50,000 words in November.  I hope to combine these two things into getting at least a first draft of the story done.

The Story
Actually 2 intertwined stories.  A vampire, Del, had fallen in love with a woman. On her death bed she makes him promise to give her infant son the choice as an adult to become a vampire or not.  The story is of that day that Del offers that choice to her son.

The other story is of a young woman who’s family was killed by vampires and wants to kill Del.  She is found by a crazy old veteran vampire hunter who tries to convince her that she is throwing her life away if she decides to kill, or attempts to kill vampires.

Would you choose to live as a monster forever? Is the urge for revenge for you family stronger than the draw of the chance to start a new family? What will be the eternal choice?

I have pictures in my head of several scenes and have a couple of ideas on how to end the tale but have never put it together.
Personal Challenges
I work full time and am taking a couple of classes write now.  Those both hold president over my time.  I find it easier to write out of the house but will to do some (well a lot) at home if I am to succeed.  I am not the most prolific type and still need to look at the keyboard while typing.  (Not sure if it is out of habit or necessity.
Strategies to Finish
I am setting a daily goal of 2,000 word per day.  You need 50k to consider it a success and it will get me to 60k.  it gives me leeway everyday to not met the goal and can take a day off when needed.  When I do write I can get that much done.  This article is around 450 words long itself and I wrote in about one hour with distractions.
I tend to stop what I am typing and go back and correct every misspelling as I type.  I will attempt to break that habit.  I always go back and read through what I wrote, almost always.  Correcting the spelling then should give me the opportunity to continue the flow better.
Forgive Me
Forgive me for not writing here as much over the next month I think you’ll know what I’ll be doing. Follow me on Twitter for daily updates. (@TshirtToby) and wish me luck

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