The Good, the Bad, and the Crazy

From MN Beer Activists

Sometimes stories end up on my desktop that just need to be shared.  Here are three recent ones you should check out.

The Good

It’s the 80th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition in the United States today, and the first one where home brewing is legal in all states.

Got sent this Info-graph on Prohibition

Bonus: In Louisiana, any business (except doughnut shops) can get a liquor license. Why there isn’t a Home Depot with an aisle dedicated to beer/wine/spirit sales, I don’t know.

The Bad

Reuters / Shannon Stapleton

Canadian denied entry to the US after agent cites private medical records

In order for this to happen Canada must be handing over medical records to US government in secret. The US then gives customs officials access to these records with rules on how healthy you must be to get into the country.
That’s more information than you need to hand over to get health care in the USA.

The Crazy

On Black Friday I saw this sale of the century.  How can you not enjoy this.

Cards Against Humanity Black Friday Special



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