The Good, the Bad, and the Crazy

Sometimes stories end up on my desktop that just need to be shared.  Here are three recent ones you should check out.

The Good

Grow food like NASA does in space

Hydroponics in your window, Open source Research, D.I.Y. organically grown food.  What more could you want?  

The Bad

18 Los Angeles County deputies charged in federal civil rights, corruption probe

Gee, L.A.  Cops violating civil rights, detaining and beating people illegally,  I never would have seen that coming.

The Crazy

With all the snow flying recently there have been many pile ups on the highways.  In Wisconsin the caught one on camera.  Having lived through many a winter storm these accidents happen slowly.  You see break lights ahead and you it yours.  The don’t slow you down giving you time to steer which hardly works and all you can do is wait for your car to stop hopefully not hitting anything.


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