It’s a New Year, and I’m feeling Good.

FYI: I am moving my blog over to a new website,  I will keep posting at both places for a while but you have been warned.

Happy new year!
2013 was not my best year, it’s been years sense I spent so much time in my shell.  Yes I am more out of shape than ever, I do not have a steady income, and I haven’t had a girlfriend in longer than a year.  I was doing more passing of time than using time.  
While I won’t say these are my new year resolutions (They kinda are) I present to you,
Toby Sterling’s changes for the new year.
1. Take better care of my body.
I drank too much, exercised too little, and ate like I did when I lived in a dorm.  So I will change these things.  I just got back from weighing myself on my 10 year old scale (by saying that I attempt to convince myself that the scale is off)  and it read 240 lbs.  More than I weighed when I was a cab driver.  I need to head the other direction.
2. Write more.
I attempted and failed at NaNoWriMo this year, but in the process i rediscovered my love of fiction writing.  I will attempt to finish the story I started writing then that has been in my head for years.
3. Be more social.
I tend to be content to stay home and fill time.  But it can also lead to getting into a rut.  Getting out and being with friends is good for my mental health and need to do it more.
If I can do these things I will be in a much better place overall.  My anthem for this (For now) is “Feeling Good” Michael Buble
“It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a life for me, and I’m feeling good.”

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