Tell Me a Story

Tell me a story.

Share with me a tale with characters and plot.  Reveal to me motivations and character flaws.  Let the words you choose guide me through a story arch like the hand guiding a child through a zoo for the first time, knowing when to slow down and when to pull you along to the next piece of wonderment.

Cook your prose with fresh picked sentences.  Let the smell of carefully heated plot points fill the mind with anticipation.  Allow my imagination to be deceived by the red herrings on the table until you deliver a perfectly timed and presented plot twist.  Let your dessert end the story with a satisfaction of a firm conclusion while also inviting me to linger and discuss the meal.

Tell me a tale with a beginning and end.  Convince me with an introduction and conclusion that life has meaning.  That the energy put into the life of your story is outweighed by the energy it gives to others who have taken part in your tale.

Tell me a story worth telling.


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