NaNoWriMo – First 500 Words

Here is the pretty raw first ~500 words of my NaNoWriMo attempt this past November. This again is a re-post from my previous blog site as I transfer over some of the things I liked that I posted there.

The Eternal Choice

It was the waning moments of twilight, earlier than he has been up in years, decades. Freshly fallen leaves’ crunching under Del’s feet is the only sound in the stillness. Del passed grave stones of many long dead. Everyone he passed he read, not in a search, he knows where he is going, but in the greater than average chance that he may know, or knew, them.

He approaches the grave he came to see. The headstone is nothing out of the ordinary. The way she wanted. It read “Angeline Paula Johnson. 1965 – 1993. The memory of her love and kindness will last forever.” The week old single rose that sat perfectly against it should have wilted more than it has. Still Del pulled out a rose from the inside of his simple but well-tailored overcoat. After replacing the old one he puts it inside his coat.

Del stands there looking down in silence. His sharp features are hidden under wide brimmed black leather hat he wears. His whole suit is almost absorbs the surrounding light accept for his dark purple shirt nearly hidden under the vest and tie. The statue that he becomes almost seems to fit as the last bits of sunlight gives away to moonlit night.

“Angeline, it is time.” Del whispers without moving more than his lips and jaw. “ You made me promise before you left me. I wish you had not. But the time has come all too soon. I wish you could see him.” The slightest sense of pride enters Del’s voice as his face gives way to a face of pain. “He is every cell your son. His eyes have an old soul in them, just like yours. I will make him the offer. For 20 years I have looked at him and wondered which way he would choose. I just don’t …”

In the distance he hears the cracking of a branch. Del’s senses turn on instantly. His mind calculates the results of his fine-tuned organs with lightning speed. Direction 4 o’clock. 120 meters? Wind to still for smell. How did it get so close? Turn head slightly. A step. 130 meters. Tree line far side of fence. Step, step. 2 people! Second 5 0’clock, 150 meters. Not together? No line of sight on either. First knelt down. Recognize gate and step of second. Confront or not? No immediate danger. More important things to do.

Del had stopped mid sentience turned his head slightly looking over his right shoulder. Meir seconds later he took one last look at the grave without turning his head. The next moment he was at a full run. Not anticipating his move anyone watching wouldn’t have seen it. Not even the fallen foliage gave him away. Not until the sound of a car engine starting up with him inside clues anyone watching in to where he ended up. The car is moving before the door is closed as Del drives away.


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