From one opinionated woman to a hate group.


A petition for the inclusion of Gender Identity Watch as a hate group gained nearly 7,000 signatures.  Hopefully, this has helped the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) see anti-transgender hatred as a priority.  They will, I am confident, make a judicious decision based on the evidence that has been provided to them and their own research.

It appears that Gender Identity Watch is flailing about the possibility that they will be listed by the SPLC.  From their website:


If the text is hard to read, the picture is a screen shot of the SPLC webpage with the words “Cathy Brennan” and “opinionated female w/ internet access” and “Baltimore” interjected.

Around the same time this tweet came across from a well-known TERF account:


Though they may have been referring to this petition, asking for hosting agencies to stop hosting hate sites; the core of the argument is that…

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