A Toast!

This is a poem/prose designed to read out loud or performed.  As a written poem it doesn’t have the same meaning.  Wanted to make that point before you read this.


“Let us all raise our glasses for a toast

To my friend Ryan

To the good times!”

No, that’s not right

Any schmuck is your friend when it’s good

A real friend gets you through the worst in life

Standing always by your side


“To all that we withstood”

No… I’ll save that for my ex-wife

How do you communicate this grateful feeling?

Of having someone you can count on

To be there at the times you desperately push away

The one that can hug even when you don’t want it

But need it the most.


“To The one who held me in the darkest hour”


I’m over thinking it.

This isn’t a wedding toast to be cataloged

And remembered for eternity

We are in a fucking bar having a good time

And I just want to make a small gesture

To show my appreciation of this common occurrence



No.  That’s moronic

What the hell does cheers supposed mean anyway

Cheers – Interjection – Used as a toast or valediction.

Wow.  It means exactly what you think it means

This is getting me know where


“To my friend Ryan for being their when I needed him and I hope I can always do the same.”

That’s a bit wordy

I got it

I’ll explain to Ryan what he means to me. 

That I want to be there for him when he needs me

That our friendship is important

But I can’t toast him as eloquently as I would like

Every time I have the urge to raise a glass.

So in those quiet pauses during an engaging conversation

I want to simply be able to slightly raise and tip my glass

Make eye contact and say something simple that represents

All that a friendship entails

So I raise my glass to you and say.



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