Letter to the Angry Tactics Zsar.

Dear *Name of person how gets mad at you for writing*,

Maybe I should have responded to your original response by saying, “FUCK YOU! YOU SINGLE MINDED IDIOT!”  Because, according to you that would have made my point better.  But that is not me.  I am an ‘Every tactic is valid’ guy.

My Mother was a Kindergarten teacher and my Dad was a salesman.  I learned how to communicate with people and sell them on something.  To paraphrase yourself, you’re Irish and fighting is what you do. (Feeding racial stereotypes but that for another discussion)

I do not say your methods are wrong, useless, or damaging to a cause. (Even on the occasions when they are.) The last thing I want to do is limit the tactics we use to change the world, unlike you.  I write things that people share with those who are on the sidelines in the hope that they will wake the fuck up and join in.  The same people who get annoyed because the road has been shut down by an unruly mob.

What you do supports what I do.  What I do supports what you do.  The difference is tactics and you attacking me for the tactics I use.  You waste your time and energy attacking me forcing me to defend myself and attack you wasting my time and energy.

This letter is meaner than I would make a point with normally because, my friend, you waste my time and energy.  I write in a public forum to make a point to others.  If we are working towards the same ends we shouldn’t attack each other over the means.

In conclusion, fuck you, you narrow minded, chill-pill needing, disrespectful blowhard!  You think all I do is write mush?  I speak to people from Tokyo to Turkey about the shit that’s happening here.  While you are yelling from outside the front doors I am whispering sweet meaningful somethings into their ears.  I appreciate what you do, you piece of shit.  Wish you would do the same, friend.


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