A Line through History: Corporate Greed on the Killdeer Battlefield

Toby Sterling

Corporate bribery, corrupt historical societies, government contracts, evil archaeologists, and disregard of American Indian history.  Sounds like a plot for an Indiana Jones movie but it is the reality in one corner of North Dakota.

The location of this story is the Battle of Killdeer Mountain (Also Known as the Tahkahokuty Mountain.)  150 years ago this July, the biggest battle between Native American Tribes and US Army took place.  Accounts of the battle can be found here, and here. The National Park service has stated it is likely eligible to be on the National Register of Historical Places. U.S. Congress proposed it as a national park as early as 1919.

Now Basin Electric wants to build giant high voltage power lines through 8 miles of the battlefield. An upgrade that the fast developing area needs. Whenever a project like this is proposed a cultural resource survey is done. …

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