Running For Governor of Minnesota

The political system that exists in America today leaves out any candidate who does not have money or name recognition.  You must impress the people who run the political parties to survive caucuses and primaries.  Then the two major parties debate as if there were only two sides to an issue.  Bankers and CEOs contribute money to both parties.  Slogans are written, ads are bought, calculations are made, positions are adjusted, people vote, and nothing changes.

We are no better off than we were 50 years ago.  The poor are still poor, the environment is still being destroyed, and we are still in debt. Those who are rich become politicians and those who get elected become rich.   It takes money to get the media to notice you and it takes the press noticing you to raise money.Profilepic

But things can, and will change.  Social media and the Internet are used as tools to spread truth about corruption.  Every one with a camera phone is now a reporter.  What is news is not up to 6 media giants anymore, it is up to everyone.  We can change the world.  All it takes is a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens to challenge the system.

It is with this in mind that I put my name up for Governor of Minnesota.

I am not running under the banner of a party but will accept the endorsement of any party that wishes too.  The minor parties have more in common with each other than they realize.  It should be simple, if you agree with more of my positions than the other candidates, vote for me.

Politics shouldn’t be a lifelong career.  We need Term limits at all levels of government.

Freedom of speech and assembly apply to all aspects of life, including the Internet.

End corporate personhood.

No invasion of privacy without due process.  Stop the NSA from spying on everyone.

Renewable energy creates more jobs and is now cheaper than coal and oil. Any new energy project should be green.

We have more empty homes than homeless families.  The solution is obvious.

Put cameras on cops.  It reduces abuse and complaints.  If your actions as a cop can’t be justified on a recording you should not be doing it.

The minimum wage should be a living wage.  It reduces government dependency and is good for business.

Medical marijuana should be legalized.  Now.

Recreational marijuana is safer to use than alcohol but its legality creates crime and cost the state money.  If legal we can tax it and save money on law enforcement.

I throw my hat into the ring with no illusions that I’ll win.  I have no money, no name recognition, and no political clout; just principles and ideals.  It is my goal to change the conversation.  Let us end the falsehood that all politics falls on a line from conservative to liberal.  As Walt Whitman said “You shall listen to all sides and filter them from yourself.” Don’t let talking points divide us.  I welcome conversations with those who disagree with me.  Convince me I am wrong and will admit it and thank you for it.

My name is Toby Sterling and I am running for Governor to be a part of something bigger than myself; to fight and defend what I believe in; to throw a wrench into the political machines of both parties; and to make our state better for everyone.

Thank You

Toby Sterling


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