Quick Governor’s Race Update.

A quick Governor’s race update.

We are close to getting all the paperwork done to start taking donations.  I am holding off on any “Media push” until we have that settled.

The Petition drive starts May 20th at 5pm.  We need 2,000 signatures.  (More to protect against ones being thrown out.)  We have 2 weeks until June 3rd to get the signatures and turn them in.  We will need everyone’s help to make this happen.  If we have 100 people get 30 signatures a piece we will have the necessary signatures.

Planning on having a gathering on Tuesday May 20th to talk about the race and distribute petitions.  (No location yet)   There will be PDF version available online with instructions for those who are out of the metro area.  (I’m looking at you, friends in Fargo/Moorhead, Rochester, Duluth, etc.)

Thanks again for everybody showing me support.  It has been a wonderful time so far.

Toby Sterling



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