Libertarian Party candidate for MN Governor arrested for collecting signatures for ballot access

Chris Holbrook, Libertarian candidate for governor of Minneapolis arrested for advertising without a license.  He was setting up to collect signatures to get on ballot.

Dan Feidt has been gathering information on this story on his webpage.

Whatever you think of the Libertarian party this is outrageous on two fronts.

First he was trying to overcome the crazy system in Minnesota for getting on the ballot.  To be on the ballot in MN you need to get 3,000 signatures.  and you need to get them in only 2 weeks.  It is hard to do for a small party.  You need people out every day collecting signatures.  Now Holbrook has one less day to get signatures.  He should get an extension and hopefully he will get enough to be on the ballot.

Second, the only reason he got arrested was because the the officer was upset at being recorded and people asserting their rights.  It is legal for anyone in Minnesota to record an officer.  It is also legal to record in public in Minnesota as long as you are not doing it secretly.

In this video recorded by Chris Holbrook himself shows the Cop getting ticked off.

And this by a supporter who start filming after the arrest.  Chris Holbrook is seeking medical attention for injuries suffered during his arrest.

This is the culture of police in our country now.  Don’t piss them off or they will find a reason to arrest you.  Police mandate is to uphold the law.  They themselves are not above it.  The culture needs to change.

Record the police.  It is your and your neighbors best chance to defend yourself in court if the police do something wrong.  If cops are upholding the law they should have any issue with you recording them.

Some towns are now requiring cops to wear portable video devices on the uniform.  It reduces violence and complaints.

On the Libertarian party of Minnesota’s Facebook page Chris Holbrook said. “This is exactly why I’m running for Governor as a Libertarian. Police shouldn’t be harassing citizens while they’re engaged in protected political activity,”

Cara Schulz, LPMN Executive Board member also said “Minor parties already have such a disadvantage in Minnesota just getting on the ballot. When you have the police arresting you while you are legally gathering signatures for ballot access, that makes it almost impossible,”

I hope you make on the ballot Chris.

Article written by Toby Sterling



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