An Open Letter to the Democratic Party

Dear Leadership of the Democratic party,
I am an independent voter who has occasionally voted for your party in the past. I believe in the general principals your party represents. Now, as I grow more aware of what your party actually does while it is in office, I can no longer even think about supporting you. I would support the Democratic party if it was not for the actions of Democrats.
You take millions, even billions of dollars from rich special interest groups and yet claim you are a voice for the common people. Sure you talk a good game but when it comes to something that would truly make a difference to the people who vote for you, you fight against it or put some many holes in the legislation that it loses all effectiveness.
The thing is there are those, both Democrats and Republicans, who believe in the same things and you still fight against.
  • You believe that the defense department is for offense.
  • You defend monopolization over competition.
  • You fight against Net Neutrality in favor of business
  • You defend the NSA capacity to spy on every person in the US
  • You believe that government secrecy does not lead to abuse
  • You defend the governments right to lie to the people it governs
  • You believe killing people in their homes overseas does not breed resentment and more extremists
  • You defend the government’s classification of marijuana as a schedule 1 drug.
  • You vote for a NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) that allows for the indefinite detention of Americans by the armed forces from American soil and hold them indefinitely without trial just by accusing them of being a terrorist.
I can no longer even thinking about voting for a Democrat because money now rules you from the defense industry to banks to foreign investors. Clean up your act. Stop talking in talking points. Back up your rhetoric with legislation. Get money out of politics. Kick lobbyists out of the capitol. Until you can prove to me you represent the people’s collective will and not the will of moneyed interests, I will not be voting for you.
You will still here from me. I will call you out on shenanigans and praise you on good deeds. But you have lost my vote. It will go to independents and third parties until you realize that what you actually do matters. Your beliefs should never be compromised for money or power. And if your belief is money or power, may god have mercy on your soul.
Toby Sterling

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