Why Kim Davis Should Not be Demonized

Kim Davis is a brave and courageous activist standing up for he convictions. She believes it is her duty to do what she can to prevent what she sees as a moral injustice. She is also wrong legally, ethically, and historically. The two views are not opposing and here is why.1422245687775862701

Protesting, from dumping tea in the Boston Harbor to sitting at a lunch counter, is what has made progress happen in the United Sates. Effective protesting has always disrupted the norm. Having a nice gathering of like-minded people in a park without disturbing anyone else is not a protest, it is a picnic.

You need to take a stand and refuse to move when blocking a road. Get authority and media to pay attention. Make fighting against your cause hurt. Whether it is slowing traffic or costing a business money or hanging off a bridge to prevent an oil rig from leaving port, it is what leads to change.

The people who fight for their beliefs in this way also go into it know what the consequences could be. Spending time in jail the most likely result. As long as you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions any form of peaceful protest is a valid.

That means you have to accept that others who disagree with you will do everything in their power to stop you. This is what is happening in Morehead, KY.

There are some unique things in this situation. Davis is an elected official with no remedy to remove her. Her job is directly related to a recent change in the law. Now she has, or had the power to stop the implementation of the law in her corner of the world.

She has metaphorically sat down in the middle of the street and refused to move. Even after all legal means of getting her to move she has sat there. Then she was finally arrest and traffic could start moving. She still could go sit in the road again but then she will be arrested, again.

I admire her for her conviction. Nothing else I know about her I like. But she went to jail to fight for what she believes in. Truly what percentage of people can say that?

For those who don’t agree with her position, when you vilify her and shout how she’s evil, bigoted, demon spawn who was divorced 3 times so has no moral authority to deny anyone a marriage license you are only feeding the beast. She is only a hero among her supporters because you made her a villain to yours. It is her critiques who post things about her every day that have made her a folk hero. If you had let this case happen without bringing attention to it I wouldn’t even know about it.

It is the coverage, both good and bad, that makes a successful protest. By demonizing her you have made the demon you wish never existed.

Toby Sterling

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