The new place took a big step to feeling like home Tuesday. All it took was a 20 year old hand me down that had half a dozen owners before me. Even though it is new to me I knew immediately that it was the thing that had been missing from my life for too long.

A couch.

Actually it’s a futon. A not that comfortable full sized futon that some would say it would be better used as firewood. After putting it together, grabbing some pillows, and laying under an even older blanket I melted into it like butter on burnt toast.

I had been living without any couches or non-dinning room chairs to use since January. My living space only had a computer chair. It’s a good chair but it is a poor substitute for a comfy chair. (The Comfy Chair?!) It’s no one’s fault. A great roommate moved out who owned all the comfy stuff. I didn’t want to get anything before my eventual move because, moving.

futonI didn’t realize that missing out on that had affected me so much. Now I have a space to rest, to veg, to not be doing anything else but be. Release and recharge. I am a bit surprised I got out of it and wrote this.

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